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"Tasha" and graduate

Let it be known that I hold a general disregard for doing any form of writing whatsoever, but at the request to make what seems to be called a "bio," I have found myself warily obliging. So gather round children, and hear a tale...


My life began in a (not so) small country called the USA, yet as an infant the delicious scent of Maple syrup caused me to crawl up past the boarder with my parents and older sister in tow. From that point forward Canada became our humble abode. I have done a great many insignificant things (i.e. fighting dragons, discovering the atom, defying the laws of physics, take your pick) to get to this point of 19 years old, and you may currently find me locked against my will in a mental institution formally known as the University of Calgary spending your days splicing jellyfish DNA into bacteria and other such things related to a study in which mere mortals call the Biological Sciences. Now, at this point you may find yourself prone to ponder, "Is this person a total nutcase?" My answer to which, of course, is yes. If you may however at some point in time feel the urge to speak at length about Japanese Cartoons or Korean pop culture, I will no doubt be close by. And with that, I leave you with the strangest bio you will likely ever read.


P.S. I felt it necessary for you to note that I am indeed the black fuzzy creature in the foreground of the photograph on the left, and that you should pay no mind to the awestruck peasant that just so happened to be directly behind.

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