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Senior Leader

I was born and raised Catholic, but over the years I have come to consider myself more a non-denominational Christian, as God's wonders are the same, no matter what branch of Christianity you are in. My parents divorced when I was young, leading me to pray often and I always found comfort in God's love for me. I began reading the Bible regularly at the age of 9, and today still find His Word so inspiring. I try to be a good person in all that I do. I was a dancer in the Professional Division at the School of Alberta Ballet for a few years, training to be a professional ballet dancer. Unfortunately, my life took a complete 180' and I found myself in excruciating amounts of pain, unable to dance, and barely able to walk. I have had 5 foot surgeries in the last 3 years, and struggle with my health problems on a daily basis. I spent most of my high school years in and out of the hospital, leading to me feeling very lonely. Throughout all of my struggle, I have found strength in God, knowing that He has a great and wonderful purpose for me. My faith wavered over the past 4 years, but now has never been stronger, as God has answered so many of my prayers, and never left my side. I still love dance, and I AM A HUGE DISNEY FAN!!! I first came to Youth Group just over a year ago when I first started dating Curt. I have found another home at St. James and I am so thankful to God for surrounding me with so many wonderful family and friends. Curt and I are very happy together, and we enjoy sharing our faith and God's love with others. 


I love music, reading, dancing, travelling, watching movies, being outdoors, and exploring the world and its many wonders that God has gifted us with! U2 is my favorite band =] I also LOVE Muse, and anything Rock/Alternative.

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