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Senior Leader

Jonathan Hardock or “Jono” Is a long-standing member of the St James youth since 2009. His work in the recent years has been helping with the ST James Youth as a Sr. Leader and working at InterVarsity Pioneer Camps such as Pioneer Pacific on Thetis Island. He is an Electrical Engineering Technologist and hopes to keep Albertans safe with his design work of electrical systems.

Jono is known for making bad puns, helping with multiple worship teams as a percussionist and his passion for table top/ board games. He enjoys hosting and having coffee with people to learn about other’s stories in their own walk with Christ.


Jono hopes to be able to make a positive impact on the next generation and to continue help build the young church into a community of Christ followers. His testimony includes: being healed from Chronic Nerve Pain, God’s sense of situational humor, the effects of testing God, and a whole bunch of theology followed by analogies.

Also, he will win all Nerf Wars. #GET_REKD

Nicknames: Jono, Jono-Cena, Mother Jono, Grandpa, “hey you Dude!” and Camp name “Mussels”

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